Nighat Dad working on helpline

Keeping in view the growing cyber crimes in the country, a Pakistani lawyer and Internet activist Nighat Dad, who recently won the Dutch government’s Tulip Award 2016, is working to develop a helpline, which would provide the protection to the Pakistani women who use the Internet.

While talking to the Dawn News, the founder of the Digital Rights Foundation said that this award would help her to fulfil her wish of creating an online helpline system, on which, any girl would be able to register the complaints.

She said that she was working on this project for a long time. “The girls in the universities and colleges are aware that they can contact our organisation if anyone harasses them, but now, through this helpline, we will spread our mission of protecting the women to the entire nation. This helpline would be totally free of cost.”

Nighat Dad went on to say, “Sometimes, the girls do not discuss with anyone about the harassment they face on the Internet. This helpline will provide the support to the females, and they will be able to get the assistance regarding the digital security. Moreover, they will also be guided on the legal procedures for submitting their complaints.”

Ms Dad stated that this new helpline would be introduced during her organisation’s upcoming campaign, which aims at ending the violence against the women.

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The new helpline will feature a menu, and the caller will be able to choose from the various options. The Tulip Award winner said that some girls prefer not telling their name, that is why our helpline will always keep their identity secure.

The Internet is a part of our lives, so we should always use it for positive purposes. Although Miss Nighat Dad is a lawyer, her primary mission is to provide the online security to the women who use the Internet in Pakistan.


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