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Nawaz Sharif, the disqualified Prime Minister of Pakistan who takes immense pride in revolutionizing the telecom services in the country is scared of people actually using them.

In a bid to show his public prowess, the ex-Premier has embarked on a road trip rally where he’s is openly violating the rights of the common people.

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The Supreme Court of Pakistan disqualified Nawaz Sharif last month, making him ineligible to ever participate in the Pakistani elections or politics. Thus, it is very troubling to see that he is employing strong jammers, blocking cellular services in a 1KM radius.

Mian Nawaz Sharif claims to be the man of the Public (Awami Leader) but actions are telling a completely different story. The PML-N government banks on the fact that their government brought the 3G/4G technology in the country but the party leader is blatantly abusing the rights of the people when it is suiting him.

The government can jam the cellular signals to protect the well-being of its own people like on Ashura or as part of the security protocol of the Prime Minister. Nawaz having no public office is not inclined to any such procedure.

The extensive use of state machinery by PML-N for a civilian is dumbfounding as after his, Nawaz Sharif disqualification is now a common man and cannot enjoy the same protocols as he did before.

If the former PM has security concerns then he shouldn’t have embarked on the rally in the first place where alternative being causing problems in other people’s lives. The rally is moving forward at a very slow pace thus people would have to suffer from telecom outage without any reason and no one knows for how long.

The jammers have also created a problem for the journalists who cannot get in touch with their studios and cannot air their footage live from the rally.

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