No Mobilink, No Warid, only Jazz from now on; company hints

It isn’t a surprise move from the telecom giant Mobilink which is in the process of start labeling everything Jazz. And why not, it is the most popular brand from the old days and once a synonym for the mobile connection in the early days of cell phones in Pakistan.

After the legal approval from Islamabad high court, Mobilink and Warid are one company from all the perspective. Currently, Pakistan Mobiles Communication Limited is running various brands under its umbrella including Mobilink, Jazz, JazzCash, Mobilink Microfinance Bank and now the Warid as well. It is at management’s discretion that how long they keep them like this.

In a recent development, which is also another hint, the CEO and President of Mobilink and Warid, Aamir Ibrahim has recorded a video message for the fellow Mobilinker asking them to join him (Amir) at 5 PM on Monday, most probably the coming one, where he plans to announce something special. Certainly, it would be none other than the Jazz in shape of a single brand in the books. The video message clearly shows Aamir saying goodbye to Mobilink and Mobilinkers.

Although the communication did not confirm the status, another senior Mobilinker hinted the amalgamation of everything into Jazz.

“There will be no Mobilink and no Warid, only Jazz. All future sales will be performed under the umbrella of Jazz. However, the Warid customers will keep their identity until they decide to join the club. The process will go on for next 12 months before the phasing out of the name Warid”, Official stated.

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