One of the significant problems Karachites face every day is the mismanaged and miserable condition of traffic in the city. Commuting in Pakistan’s largest city has become a nightmare due to traffic jams and authorities negligence. However, at last, the city administration has decided to kill this menace for you.

The government has decided to set up district traffic management boards in all the six districts of the city to curb the traffic relates issues. The decision has been taken in the meeting chaired by Karachi Commissioner Iftikhar Shallwani.

The newly established traffic management boards will have the authority to remove encroachments and obstacles near the road affecting the traffic in the city. Moreover, the board can also take help from the relevant departments like Police and others in order to effectively proceed towards traffic jams free Karachi.

“There will be effective charged parking places, and all the traffic congestion and bottlenecks will be removed to ensure smooth flow of traffic,” said Karachi Commissioner.

It has become a norm in Karachi to utilize building’s and plaza’s parking places to establish shops and warehouses. The traffic management board will also take stern action against those plazas in the city. It will be made mandatory to have parking floors in the buildings.

Although it is a welcoming policy by the city authorities, there is a need to implement it by force without enforcing any political agenda. Karachi city is the biggest contributor in the national exchequer. The government should work to make life and commuting easier in the city by eliminating traffic jams so that the businesses flourish in the city.

Lahore is having an e-challan system which besides having various challenges, is a step in the right direction. Authorities in Karachi should also use technology to control the traffic flow in the city.