Court Bans the Petrol Sale to Bikers without Helmet

Now you need helmet other than money to purchase petrol for a bike in Lahore.1 min

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Now you need helmet other than money to purchase petrol for a bike. Hearing a petition, Lahore High Court has issued orders to stop the sale of petrol to motorcyclists without helmets.

The petitioner Advocate Azhar Siddique was of the view that Lahore authorities should follow an exemplary decision by the district government of Islamabad who earlier issued orders to ban the sale of petrol to bikers having no helmets.

Justice Ali Akbar Qureshi also directed the local authorities to seal the petrol pumps who violate the court’s decision. Earlier, High Court summoned the chief traffic officer and ordered him to make sure that even ladies should wear the helmet. The court had also directed the traffic police to issue challans to those motorcyclists having no side mirrors.

Though wearing helmets for pillion riders is compulsory on mall road Lahore, no such rule is being enforced on the other roads of the city.

Speaking of the new e-challan system, the judge appreciated the local authorities while also commented that there should be rule of law. “No one is above law, traffic wardens should issue challan to every violator disregarding his/her profession and designation,” said Justice Ali Akbar Qureshi.

Although Pakistan is not the first country where the rule has been passed to stop the sale of fuel over mandatory gear or condition of vehicles, citizens are in much agony. “This is Pakistan, not Europe. First, make sure that helmets are sold at affordable rates and then apply any new law,” expressed an annoyed citizen at a petrol pump.

Ladies are also complaining over the new rule as in our society due to conservation and other reasons women are not accustomed to wearing a helmet. “This is stupid modernism, a stunt from Jews,” exclaimed a woman riding with her husband.

The workers at petrol pumps are also not happy with the decision. “It is not our duty to enforce any law, why you have traffic police in the city then? People are fighting with us now but we have to follow the court directives,” stated salesman at a local petrol pump.

It is very unfortunate that we implement half cooked policies that result in failure and disturbance. Although the city traffic police earlier started a campaign against bike riders without helmets, now the process has become rusty and slow.

We pointed out several times that the motor vehicle ordinance is outdated and there is no law defining the standard of a helmet which allows some citizens to wear engineering caps even utensils as a headgear. The legislature in this country has become defunct.

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