Nokia 150 among new Nokia Phones to be launched
New Nokia 150

Nokia 150, the new headset designed to meet the need of emerging mobile market in Pakistan is expected to arrive until February 2017. Nokia phones are once again back catering to the unique requirements of the mobile phone market, HMD the new owner of Nokia has announced to launch Nokia 150 and Nokia 150 Dual SIM mobile, the new handset is same as the Nokia 216.

The product is being presented in the market by keeping in view needs of the emerging markets like Pakistan and India that still need such mobile phones.

New Nokia phone features a battery capable of supporting 22 hours of conversation. It can remain on standby for almost 31 days. Further, the phone features physical keypad, FM-Radio, MP3 Player, Games and LED Flash along with VJA camera.

Although the device wouldn’t be able to access the internet, it would have a Bluetooth feature to allow smooth transfer of files. The SD card slot in the phone would enable storing low-resolution media files.

HMD is of the opinion that it has decided to bring this new phone, given user’s demands of a mobile that is of high quality, easy to use and costs low price.

It may seem unusual why HMD is still stuck to these old handsets that have now become outdated. Still, a huge number of the world’s population doesn’t have access to the mobile phones, and their basic need is to ensure timely and rapid communication that is not necessarily powered by the internet. Hence, Nokia phones are the best to cater to the needs of such population.

The launch of old featured handsets don’t mean that company is out of the smartphone world; it has already announced to launch the Android-powered unique smartphones in 2017.

Earlier Microsoft had bought the Nokia phone’s business, and it had gained the copyrights and patents of the company for next ten years, as a result of it new owner replaced the Nokia Lumia with Windows, but it didn’t work and then the company sold Nokia to HMD.


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