Nokia 3310 Review; Why I should Buy It? (Video)

No feature phone has ever enjoyed the fate like Nokia 3310. Ever since its announcement and unveiling at the MWC in Barcelona, the hype has paid off. Without rolling out a marketing campaign and investing a single penny, Nokia had already gathered the attention of, if not billions, then millions of mobile phone users.

Various reports suggest that initial phone stocks have been sold out in various markets where it has landed. Here in Pakistan, HMD has confirmed that response has been immense.

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I think, Nokia and HMD just used its nostalgic value to create a wow factor all over the world without spending a dime except for the production and distribution cost that too would come back along with profits after this much-hyped blast from the past finds its way into our pockets.

After all the gloomy years, a less than successful Lumia era, rebirth of Nokia 3310 was more like a window of opportunity that intends to bridge the heydays of Nokia – the glory time – to the era, it wishes to witness again with the help of its pure Android-based smartphones.

We personally think that Nokia and HMD have got the attention they hoped for. How smooth the ride would be from here on, we have yet to witness.

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Why would you buy a Nokia 3310 (2017), a feature phone for a price that gives you enough options to buy some feature rich low-end smartphones on the market? Is it all about your old memories that you wish to recall or this piece of plastic has some value in it?


Nokia 3310 Review
Nokia 3310 Front

The garish colors are too flashy for some of the people we interviewed, but we think they help stand out and go with the design which is much sleeker than the original bulky device back in the 2000s that had dull outlook.

Nokia 3310 Back
Nokia 3310 Back Cover

The redesigning makes it a younger brother of original 3310 that inherits the DNA of being indestructible but shows more enhancements. It is handy and can only put 80g of additional weight in your pocket.

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The outer of the phone is glistening, screen bigger, and it is colored this time. Besides, the T9 keypad is much easier to handle which gives a bit modern look.

The updated version of “classic” Nokia ringtone put a smile on your face. It gives a real nice feeling to hold this phone since it is much more glossy and appealing.

The back of the little legend is altogether different which also holds a 2MP camera along with LED flash which is prominently sitting

Battery, Camera, and Performance

The battery is what we have been admiring throughout our sessions with Nokia 3310. On a single SIM, it gave us enough juice to keep us going during our End holidays, and there was no need to recharge it. We don’t say that we forgot our smartphones at home, but the little yellowish partner was in our pockets throughout the time.

It will mainly depend upon the user’s own usage pattern but for us, 1200 mAh battery lasted for almost three days, and during this period we made calls, sent texts, took some photographs and of course session of FM radio. The Nokia however, promises a 25 days standby time and 22 hours of talk time.

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Inside there is the 30+ operating system which runs the machine and decently controls a couple of built-in apps of likes Opera mini, Snake Game, FM Radio, Camera and few additional apps. For us, it was not easier to go back to the era of GPRS and wait for the pages to load on our browser.

However, we are only talking about a feature phone that is good with calling, SMS, Snake, FM Radio, Torchlight, Battery and the durability. I think these are USPs but we wouldn’t shy to highlight that a 3G version must be in the pipeline.

It has a 2MP lens along with LED at the back of the phone which was missing in the original Nokia 3310 back in the hey days. The following pictures we took from it, and you can judge how well it performed under daylight and low light conditions.

Nokia 3310 Camera Review

Nokia 3310 Camera Review

Nokia 3310 Camera Review


Even a feature phone can be discussed and reviewed this much, and this is the success of HMD that this small piece of the machine could convince authors all over the world to write about it. It’s a huge mileage, and HMD and Nokia people could never ask for more.

As far as the performance and price are concerned, there are other better options out there, but none of them connects us with our past. And for the people who are in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, they can cherish their old moments and may love to hold it and keep it with them. After all, it is the Nokia 3310.

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  1. It reminds about old days. My 1st fon was 3310. Nokia has put axe on their good sale by not putting WhatsApp and fb. May be they r thinking to launch some other fon which might keep these features.


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