New Nokia 3310 will be much Thinner and would feature a Colored display

Nokia 3310 Mobile phone will not be a smartphone

Were you also day dreaming about using android on the revived Nokia 3310? Get ready for dreams to get shattered as the iconic mobile phone might not be a smartphone after all.

The news about the revival of the Nokia 3310 phone blew up the Internet. The iconic feature phone has quite a reputation of being an indestructible and has a dedicated meme fan following.

Earlier this year the company revealed that they will display four mobile phones in Mobile World Congress this month, including the revived version of its legendary Nokia 3310, priced at around $62.

Originally the mobile phone was released in 2000 and the company sold more than 125 million Nokia 3310 handsets worldwide, which altogether is still an impressive number.

The new phone would look similar to the old one but it will be much lighter and thinner which is obvious considering the technology and mobile components have changed a lot in the past two decades. Instead of a monochrome display, it will feature bright colors and also we might see a variety of cases for the coming 3310.

The company unveiled Nokia 6 at CES 2017 last month and with the coming launch of more phones on MWC 2017, it seems that HMD, the company manufacturing phones under the Nokia name, has big plans for the users.

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