Nokia phone

The smartphone industry has been creating a continuous buzz since the start of 2017. The Mobile World Congress has just concluded and it has only added to the already huge pile of interesting news, impressive new gadgets and rumors regarding upcoming smartphones. Among other tech companies, Nokia has been making headlines of its own, with the revival of the iconic 3310.

Nokia has also announced three midrange phones, namely Nokia 3, 5 and 6 to be available in the market soon. Two of these smartphones feature a pretty old Qualcomm chipset, the Snapdragon 430. Users anticipating these phones have been disappointed by this news as consumers are now looking forward to using handsets including a newer version of Snapdragon.

Nokia is not waiting until late this year to launch its flagship phones and is planning to announce not one but two smartphones which will run on Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 835. The Nokia phones are rumored to be on par with the Samsung Galaxy S8 which will be including the latest chip as well.

The smartphones will, of course, feature the latest Android OS or even a newer version of the OS Nougat. Moreover, the smartphones might pack a powerful 6 GB RAM which is already in the news as Huawei COO has said that anything above a 4 GB is nothing but a marketing tactic.

Nokia is already planning to launch four phones as we speak and the addition of two others will take the count to six. The definite release dates and specifications of the two flagship smartphones are yet to be officially announced but if these smartphones are anything closer to the Samsung Galaxy S8, then Nokia is bound to give tech giants like Apple and Samsung, a run for their money this summer.

Until only last year, Nokia’s shares in the smartphone market were nowhere to be seen, but 2017 has marked a comeback from both Nokia and Blackberry as both companies are lining up smartphone releases this year.


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