Nokia will launche phones in 2017

Nokia is back with a bang and this time it means business. The officials have confirmed the news of their new smartphone launch in 2017 through a slide, featured in their investor focused presentation at Capitals Market Day event.

Nokia Presentation at Capitals Day Event

Nokia, a household name for years among mobile phone users, had sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft in a deal totalling $7.17 billion. Though the rumours of its return were widespread, the company has recently broken its silence and has revealed “Nokia’s brand return to smartphones” in their 2017 agenda. Microsoft on buying Nokia’s phone business added a non-compete clause which will finish in 2017 and thus, would bring back the brand that we have all learned to love.

It is rumoured that new smartphones will use Google’s Android OS which has the largest market share among smartphone users instead of again using Microsoft’s Window OS. The company will no longer manufacture the smartphones rather it will act as an owner of the brand and patents and oversee the creation of the new phones, much like Apple.

The actual manufacturing of the phones will be done by HMD, which was created earlier this year. It will pair Nokia’s brands, patents and oversight with Foxconn’s R&D and manufacturing expertise. Nokia has a ten-year exclusive contract with HMD, where the manufacturing company will dispense €500 million in marketing activities over the course of first three years.

The launch date of the new Nokia phone is not officially known. Some rumours suggest that they will be unveiled this year, but some propose that Nokia will present its new phone at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February 2017. Guess we have to wait and see when the company reveals the big secret.


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