non-custom paid cars

Quetta is seemingly thriving as smuggler’s paradise as the city including different parts of the same province are crowded with non-custom paid cars that are being smuggled to various other cities as well, reports Dunya News.

The showrooms in Quetta are boldly showcasing the non-custom paid cars for the people and the trade of such vehicles are booming in the city. People can fund various models of vehicles with price ranging from Rs. 3 Lakh to RS. 15 Lakh.

These cars are being smuggled from Afghanistan via the mountains of Qila Abdullah. Customs have been pursuing the elements involved in the trade and have since confiscated hundreds of non-custom paid cars.

The high taxes and the growing rates of automobiles in the Pakistani market surely open doors for grey imports where to save money people turn to the trade of illegal items to fulfill their necessities.

Recently, Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota have twice increased the rates of their vehicles in Pakistan this year owing to the depreciation of rupee against the dollar which has made buying cars, even more, harder for people.

While there is a need to root out any smuggling whether it is automobiles or mobile phones, the government should also consider why people move towards buying such products and introduce better policies that do not involve blind taxation.

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