Android users get ‘Now on Tap’ with instant translate feature and more

Now on Tap translate feature

Mostly  people are not aware of a nifty feature in Android’s latest Operating System Marshmallow_ Now on Tap.

When you push and hold down the home button, the feature of ‘Now on Tap’ activates and does a Google search of the screen. It scans all the relevant information to serve up like options to share to social media, website links and directions to places.

It is the future of Google search for applications, but this useful feature, sometimes, does not perform well.
Google is trying to boost the usefulness of ‘Now on Tap’ with an instant translate feature. To get the information translated in any other language, hold down the home button then press the ‘Translate this screen’ card.

This is the thing, ‘Now on Tap’ was designed for. This new feature of translation will save you from the hassle of copy paste information from one app to another.

The translation feature is currently available only to Android users with their smartphone’s language set to English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Google is working to add more language support to this feature.

Moreover, Google has also added a ‘Discover’ section for ‘Now on Tap’ with a stream of visual content related to the app display.

Another exciting feature added to Now on Tap is the ability to scan barcodes and QR codes. You can scan a barcode or QR code with the camera app and Now on Tap will show you related information on the object, such as user reviews. This feature will work on books, DVDs and more.

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