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According to a recent report, 50 percent people rely on social media for reading the news. Not only they use these websites for reading the news but also for various other things. Now, according to the latest report, law enforcement agencies are also taking a keen interest in social networking websites.

Seven-year-old Pakistani boy was found in India with the help of social media

Tufail Ismail
Tufail Ismail was found with the help of social media

Police in many states now relies on social media websites for finding the missing people. Recently, Tufail Ismail – a seven-year-old boy from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa went missing from his home and was found after a social worker shared the child’s photo on the social media. The boy was found in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

23-year old reunited with family through Facebook

The family of Nazakat looks happy after finding him

Less than a week ago, a 23-year old boy was reunited with his family through Facebook. He went missing eleven years ago, after the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan.

His name is Nazakat, and he was 12 when he went missing in 2005 after the deadly earthquake.

UAE police are also using social media for finding missing persons

Now, a similar case is reported in UAE where the police are using Twitter to locate a missing Pakistani child.

Police in UAE is finding Pakistani child Khadija Mohammad Bilal with the help of Twitter

As per details, the Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) police have posted a photo of an eight-year-old Pakistani girl, namely Khadija Bilal D/O Mohammad Bilal on Twitter, who is missing for more than two days.

The police have uploaded the picture of the missing girl on Twitter on 11th October and asked the citizens to inform the police if they know this girl. It is possible that the law enforcement agencies will soon locate the girl through the help of Twitter.

According to the police, the missing girl was wearing a traditional colorful dress. The police have requested the citizens to inform the authorities at 050-7669229 if they have any information about this child.

The tweet has been shared more than a hundred times, and people are commenting on it and praying for the safety of the girl.

Final thoughts

We can say that social media is a great tool and a source of information. If we use Facebook and Twitter for useful things, these websites can prove to be the excellent platforms for sharing knowledge.

Not only the UAE police uses the internet for finding the missing people, but this strategy is applied by law enforcement agencies all over the world. Just a few months ago, Punjab police uploaded the photos of missing children on its website to rescue them.

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