NSA hacks Mobilink to spy on Pakistani Citizens: Wikileaks

NSA wikileaks

In the most recent release of information, Wikileaks has claimed that United States National Security Agency has been spying on Pakistani Mobile networks. A few weeks back Wikileaks had shown how the CIA could hack into your iPhone and devices from Samsung, Microsoft, and the Android OS.

The information was released by a hacker group who earlier claimed that the U.S agency had hacked into hundreds of IP addresses from Pakistan. The information is now being decoded and posted all over the internet by media outlets and concerned users alike.

One such hacker posted the information on Twitter, decoding which it becomes evident that the United States has been accessing private and public networks from Pakistan. A chunk of data confirms the NSA was successfully able to peek into Mobilink’s GSM network.

Other targets that have been highlighted by security researchers include Oracle’s Unix-based operating system and Equation Group’s ElectricSlide tool that acts like a Chinese browser with fake Accept-Language.

This information and related files were first made available to purchase in an auction but due to a lack of information, the hacker group posted it online. The release confirms the earlier news of the U.S having gained access into Pakistani networks.

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Ch. Nisar visited the United Kingdom back in November 2016 to ask for help to equip Pakistan with technical abilities to deal with cyber crimes.

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