NTC footprint for broadband doubled in 3 years

NTC has doubled the internet penetration

NTC has achieved almost double penetration of broadband in the Public Sector in last three years. Brig ® Viqar Rashid Khan, MD-NTC relayed that increased broadband penetration is the outcome of offering competitive tariff packages and installing optical fibre network which connects all government offices.

Brig ® Khan stated that the council has initiated many projects that served in the increase of Internet broadband usage around the country. It has expanded its footprint from 54 districts/cities to 87 districts/cities, and in the next few years, it expects to cover more than 113 districts in all four provinces.

Following the government’s policy of digitising Pakistan, the corporation has worked towards an increase in accessibility of the internet and has worked to rise from their company deficit.

NTC has also signed different agreements with leading telecom enterprises that include Mobilink, Zong, Telenor, Wateen, LMKT, Multinet and others. Through these agreements, the corporation aims to broaden its scope and offer various wired and wireless telecom services.

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