Official CPEC website launched; What is it all about?

Launch of official CPEC website

A new progress has just been made in CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) with the launch of the official CPEC website to ensure the online availability of details about the project.

Pakistan-China Institute (PCI) in collaboration with China Radio Institute (CRI) has developed the official CPEC website that will act as an information portal and reveal the comprehensive details of the project.

The website is not a new online portal of CPEC as there already exists such portal under the Pakistan government’s domain, but it is unique regarding being the combined effort of both China and Pakistan and only one of its nature.

Official CPEC website

What CPEC official Website is all about

The website is, in fact, a comprehensive outlook about entire CPEC project. It presents the details of ongoing projects in different sectors like energy, infrastructure, transportation, etc. All the events and ceremonies related to the project along with current progress would be updated on the website. The homepage of website features the President of China Xi Jinping, Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, H.E Sen Weidong, Pakistani Ambassador to China H.E. Masood Khalid and many other government officials who are supervising the projects and linked to it along with their quotes.

Official CPEC website would also allow the ordinary citizens to probe the details about any project for which he may be a stakeholder; the site would also serve the purpose of keeping a track record of this economic corridor expected to change the fate of entire region while bringing prosperity through regional cooperation.

To monitor the CPEC through satellite development of the Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite (PRS) is also on its way, the PRS would be launched in 2018. Such tech oriented coordination on CPEC would enable the supervision of project in a well-organized way while providing a record.

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