KPK Government webiste hacked

Update: The official website of KPK Govt. has now been restored.

Earlier today a group of Pashtun Hackers has hacked the official website of KPK government. Their website is now officially down and can’t be reached.

The group named “Pashtun Cyber Army” has infiltrated the KPK government’s website and criticized Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf, which is the governing party of the said province. The hackers have left the following message on the front page:

“Imran Khan’s Government in KPK is a joke. A man who can’t hold his marriage for one year can’t do government. Shame on KPK people who elected a party run from Bani Gala. IK spent three years using KPK Pashtuns as a dharna tool for Takht-e-Lahore.”

The hackers also gave a strong message to the government of KPK that and while blaming them for illegal occupation of FATA, Pashtunistan, and Baluchistan they told them to “get out of our land.”

The hackers took full credit of the hack leaving a footnote that the credit should be given to the Pashtun Cyber Army rather than giving credit to Indian intelligence agency, RAW.

It is yet to be seen when the website will get restored and we will provide updates as there will be more development in the story


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