The Nadra processing officer who issued the identity card to Sharbat Gula on fake documents has been arrested.

According to the details, the processing officer Emad Khan, who was involved in issuing the National Identity Card to Sharbat Gula and her family had escaped after an FIR was registered against him. But now, he has been arrested after a raid was conducted at a house located near the Gulbahar area of Peshawar.

official who issued ID card to Sharbat Gula
Emad Khan was involved in issuing ID card to Sharbat Gula and her family (image: Express-News)

It is important to mention here that Sharbat Gula had already confessed that she used fake documents to obtain the national identity card. On the other hand, the names of two other employees of Nadra were also mentioned in the FIR, but they had secured pre-arrest bail from a court in the case. Their names are Palwasha Afridi and Mohsin Ahsan.

Sharbat Gula became famous after a picture of her was featured on the cover page of National Geographic Magazine in 1985. A famous photographer McCurry captured the picture of her. She gained fame because of her green eyes.

According to the media reports, Sharbat Bibi and her two sons Rauf Khan and Wali Khan were reportedly issued CNICs on the same day. The documents she had used to obtain the CNIC cards were fake.

After Sharbat Gula had admitted that she was living illegally in the country, Pakistan deported her, and she is now residing in Afghanistan.

Recently, a crackdown was also initiated against those possessing fake CNIC cards. According to an official of NADRA, around 91 million CNICs have been re-verified so far.