OLX Brand Logo

OLX, one of the largest online classified ads company, in its bid to modernize the classifieds experience for its users has unveiled its new brand logo and has overhauled its entire app and web experience.

According to the company, these changes are part of their larger ambition to expand their brand beyond the traditional classifieds world by offering more end-to-end services and providing smarter buying and selling choices to the users.

Luckily, Pakistan is one of the first countries where OLX is launching the new platform updates and new brand identity, meaning that users here will experience the changes before anyone else in the world.

“This is our biggest platform upgrade with major changes to chat, posting, browsing, and the social experience while reducing the size of the app by 40%”, said Bilal Bajwa, Country Manager, OLX Pakistan.

“The new version has significantly improved the user experience and has many new features that will enable users to buy and sell easier and faster. For example, potential buyers will now need to log-in to communicate with the seller which will make the experience more secure,” he added.

OLX’s new logo has been designed by Design Studio which is one of the best digital agencies and has worked for major technology brands such as Twitter, Airbnb, EA Sports & Tinder, etc.

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