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If you look back in the year 2016, OnePlus had introduced its star phones; OnePlus 3 and re-modified OnePLus 3T, with an enchanting tagline #NeverSettleAgain. It is important to know that latter received many accolades and gathered legit reviews from people around the world. It was listed as one of the best phones to buy on the Android’s Central list.

Now, when every giant is bringing its best flagship, OnePlus steals the show at the end of the year and vows to unveil its next invention to become a flagship killer, OnePlus 5, on June 20. The event will be live streamed on the official website of OnePlus.

Is there anything hot in the feature factory of OnePlus 5? Let’s see what does the phone keeps under the hood to impress its buyers:

Powered by Snapdragon 835 chipset

The rumors mill tells that it will be an all tech-provider because OnePlus is famous for incorporating best features and this time it is all set to engrave in the most advanced Snapdragon 855 chipset as Qualcomm on Twitter announced it on May 24, 2107.

This announcement makes us sure about the worth of upcoming OnePlus 5 because Snapdragon 835 chipset is the most powerful processor offering longtime battery so far. Whereas, Samsung’s Note 8 seems to be the most powerful phone in the world.

Furthermore, the Qualcomm during the release of the newest chipset declared that Snapdragon 835 chipset would offer an intelligent photography, and in the case of OnePlus 5, it will support zero shutter lag, creamier digital zoom, and most vibrant colors to provide you a closer-to-life photography; so are you ready to float in air with the best photography experience ever powered by the Snapdragon 835 chipset?

Are you going to be a photographer?

It seems like the upcoming digital phone will be carrying the best photography features. In May, OnePlus announced its collaboration with DxO (de facto photography authority which offers professional analysis of over 9,000 cameras, lenses and cellular phones), to create perfection in the photography section for their new flagship. It is expected that this duo together will deliver DSLR-like snaps. The OnePlus 5 will also offer a dual-camera system, so now you can guess that the company will be granting you the best of it so far.

Pop-up Events

The company planned to bring out introductory events of the upcoming phone in the few major cities. Details about the venue and date will be shared at the keynote.

Did you know that the very known tech YouTuber MBKHD will be a special guest at the New York pop-up event?

People never leave a chance to grab the modern phone by lining up in the pop-up events every year. So be ready for the next event that may be heldĀ in your city.

Above all, it is to be understood that the phone started as a disorganized company but then they rose to figure out the important things soon and became an upgraded version of themselves standing side by side the giant companies of likes Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, etc.

OnePlus 5 launch event

Be attentive about the OnePlus 5 live streaming as you should not miss the grand opening on June 20. We have some good expectations from the always striding company, so let’s stay focused and see what they bring this time.

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