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Online Blood Bank: Find Your Donor Here in Pakistan

When your loved one is suffering from an illness and needs blood, don’t waste time running here and there in depression. Now blood donors are just a few clicks away from you. You can search for any group of blood by visiting online blood bank websites.

According to a study, more than ten thousand people die every year due to the non-availability of blood, but now, websites are available to search for blood easily.

Although death is a reality and no one can deny it. But one can at least try to save a life by donating a drop of blood.

In Pakistan, online blood bank websites are getting very popular. There is a variety of such websites that serve humanity. Below we have discussed a few of them.


TrueDrops is an online blood bank service that allows you to register as a blood donor. If a hospital needs blood for a patient matching your blood group, you will get a notification on your TrueDrops account.

Hospitals can also register on this website by providing information including the name of the hospital, country, email, telephone, and address.

TrueDrops website is created by Hisham Sarwar, a millionaire freelancer from Pakistan.


Blood. Pk is a website for blood seekers. By visiting this website, you can instantly search for blood donors by selecting your city, and the blood group that is needed. If you cannot find the required blood, the website has an option to submit a request for the blood.

Just click on the “Add Blood Request” option appearing in the upper right corner on the homepage. Submit the details including Name, Gender, City, Contact number, and Email address.

Blood For All

Blood For All is an online platform that encourages people to donate their blood. It also helps the people who are in pain to search the blood on the site.

The site was created in 2007 with the backing of the native people of Gilgit Baltistan.

Pak Donor

Pak Donor┬ámakes the seeking of blood easier than ever. This online blood bank is very easy to use. When your loved one is running out of time, you can visit this site and start searching for the required blood by typing the blood group and city and clicking the “Submit” button.

You can also sign up for this website using your Facebook account or email.

Mera Blood

With the tagline “Give blood and Share life,” Mera Blood is one of the most popular blood searching websites in Pakistan. It is a fully non-profit organization and serves humanity by helping people who are in pain.

The method of searching for the blood is similar to that of the other websites we have discussed above.


Visit iDonate and save a life. The site was established in 2011, by Mr. Imran Sarwar. Unlike other blood donation websites, there is a story behind the creation of iDonate. Basically, Imran suffered from Dengue infection back in 2011 and his condition was sensitive. The doctors asked his parents to search for the blood but unfortunately, his parents were unable to find even a single donor.

The good news is that Imran Sarwar survived and decided to create a platform that can help patients find blood easily. He did not want any other patient to experience the pain that he felt, that is why he designed the iDonate website.

By visiting this online blood bank, you can quickly search the blood by typing a few details.

Pak Blood

175 organizations are currently registered with Pak Blood, and you can search for donors from not only in Pakistan but also from other countries. Most of the users of this website are from Pakistan.

Just for the purpose of testing, when we searched for a blood group by selecting “New York”, we were unable to find any blood donor.

But luckily, the website has a great list of blood donors from Pakistan. The website also features the phonebook directory of nationwide hospitals. PakBlood is a project of AA’LA Solutions, Lahore.

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  1. Blood bank is storage of different blood groups gathered as a consequence of blood donation, which is then stored and accumulated at specific places in the hospitals named as blood bank for later uses in the hospital services.

  2. There is a another service,, they have automated system, anyone needs blood, they can send SMS to 8655 saying I need A+ in Lahore, and their system will find blood donor within minutes.

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