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The 21st century is the era of information revolution where everything that we want to know or learn can is readily available thanks to the Internet. The same miraculous technology is now helping criminals rob people of their hard-earned money.

Police during the interrogation of alleged hackers learned that the criminal became knowledgeable about the art of hacking any IT system by watching videos online.

The police arrested the accused from a colony in Rahim Yar Khan and seized laptops, computers, blank ATM cards, modern IT devices etc.

According to the authorities, the accused were involved in hacking ATM machines to withdraw huge sums of money. Reportedly, they used to access the ATM machines using Internet and laptops and would monitor various transactions that were being processed through banks.

Should We Blame the Internet?

In the heap of useful data, the Internet also hosts a large number of videos and free hacking tools that attract many people towards the life of cybercrime. So should we stop the access to information? No, better preventive measures in the shape of guidance and strict implementation of the law are the only ways out of this growing epidemic.

The Internet has created a new kind of criminal where under the anonymity of a few keystrokes hackers can cause real damage to real victims.

The reason for its growing popularity is the misconception that the criminal would not face consequences

People blackmailing others on Facebook or harassing people online forget that just because you’re doing something wrong in the cyberspace doesn’t mean that they are any different than any other criminal.

There are no real barriers to entry in the world of cybercrime and thus many people who want to make money illegally turn towards this life.

The government first introduced the cybercrime law in 2016 which attracted a lot of controversies. According to the report by Digital Rights Foundation, Punjab exceeds other provinces with the most cybercrime in the country. Till now many cybercriminals have been put behind bars but not enough to make a difference.

Recently, we saw that the DIG Police was also accused of cybercrime but so far no arrests were made on behalf of the authorities which makes people doubt the effectiveness of the law and order agencies in the country.

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