How to open Mobile Account

The trend of using Mobile Accounts (or Mobile Wallets) is slowly spreading its wings not only in the developed countries but also in the developing countries like Pakistan.

This is a kind of financial service through which one can deposit, withdraw and transfer cash and can also pay utility bills easily with the help of a mobile phone.

Currently, all the telecom operators in Pakistan are offering mobile account facilities to their customers providing an efficient, convenient, reliable, and secure way of accessing Financial Services and interestingly, they usually come up with different incentives now and then for the promotion of these services.

The best part about using a mobile Account is that its services are irrespective of time and you can send money in any part of the country to anyone who has a mobile account or just a valid CINC. Moreover, it also eliminates the need to stand in long queues for paying utility bills.

Telenor was the first telecom operator in Pakistan that launched mobile-first financial service of Pakistan in 2009 with the name Easypaisa, followed by the rest of the players. By now, the trend of mobile banking is higher in rural areas as compared to the metropolitan cities of the country.

If you want to open Mobile Account offered by Mobilink, Telenor, Zong, Warid or Ufone, you can follow the below-mentioned procedure to the mobile financial services.

Mobilink – Mobicash:

To be eligible for a Mobicash Account, the customers are required to follow two compulsions:

i) To have an active Mobilink SIM.
ii) To have a valid CNIC issued by NADRA.

Mobilink has recently introduced a very handy way to open up a Mobicash account for biometrically verified SIMs and now the Mobilink customers will be able to use the facilities offered by Mobicash Mobile Account by simply dialing *786#.

After completing the registration, the customer will receive a 4 digit PIN, which must be changed to ensure security by dialing *786#.

The non-biometric verified Mobilink subscribers will be required to visit the nearest Mobilink franchise, Business Center and selected Mobicash retailers for activating Mobicash Mobile Account.

As an incentive to join Mobicash family, customers will be awarded 250 free Mobilink minutes upon their first cash deposit.

The account registration, cash deposit to Mobile Account, Money Transfer to Mobile Account and bill payment with Mobicash is absolutely free. However, withdrawing the cash and transferring money to CNIC will be followed by service charges.

Update: Mobi cash is now JazzCash and you can read its guidelines at Black Friday; Guidelines for online payment in Pakistan

Telenor – Easypaisa:

Easypaisa Mobile Account can be opened from any Telenor Sales and Service Centers, Telenor Franchise or Tameer Bank branch. But if you are a Telenor customer and your SIM is biometrically verified, you can open Easypaisa Mobile Account for free by dialing *345*3737#.

Go through a simple Mobile Account Registration process that does not require any documents.

After this, you can visit any of Easypaisa shop and deposit cash into your account for free. You can also send money to other Easypaisa Mobile Accounts for free. Moreover, Cash withdrawal from Mobile Account is also free.

Do you know how to make payment with Telenor Easypay? Watch the demo

Update: Easypaisa also has an online payment portal known as Easypay which can be used to pay for online shopping. You can read more about its use at  Black Friday; Guidelines for online payment in Pakistan

Ufone – Upaisa:

If you have a valid original CNIC and a Ufone SIM, you can easily open UPaisa Mobile Account by dialing *60#. You can also visit Ufone Service Centers, Franchises, Ubank branches and selected Upaisa agents along with your CNIC to register for a mobile account by Ufone.

After going through the account opening process, the UPaisa account will be opened within 4 hours and customer will receive account opening confirmation SMS.

You can dial *786# from his mobile to access your UPaisa Mobile Account.

From Utility Bill Payment to transferring money, Upaisa charges fee for its services, though, account opening, cash deposit, mini statement and balance inquiry are free of cost.

Zong – TimePey:

You can open Timepey Mobile Account from any Zong Sales and Service Centers, Zong Franchise or Askari Bank branch in case you possess a Zong SIM and a CNIC card.

Unlike other cellular operators, Zong does not offer the shortcode to open Timepey mobile account.

Once a Timepey Mobile Account is opened, users can go to any of the Timepey shops and Askari Bank branches in Pakistan to Deposit or withdraw cash from their Mobile Account.

Cash Deposit, Utility Bill Payment, Mini Statement and Balance Enquiry will be free of cost services while money transaction and cash withdrawal are imposed with varying charges.

Warid – Mobile Paisa:

To register for a Mobile Paisa Account by Warid, the applicant is required to visit any Warid Business Center or Warid Franchise along with active Warid number registered against his/her name and original and Valid CNIC card.

Once you go through the registration process, an SMS will be forwarded to you asking to enter a 4 Digit secret PIN to be able to do the transaction.

There are two methods to deposit and withdraw cash from your Mobile Account i.e., Via Mobile Paisa Agent and Linked Account.

You can dial *131# from your mobile phone to access your Mobile Paisa account.

First, 3 Cash Deposits in a day will be free, any subsequent Cash Deposit on the same day will be charged at 2.16% + Tax of the amount deposited.

There are no service charges for Mobile Paisa account registration as said by Warid. The first 3 Cash Deposits in a day will be free, any subsequent Cash Deposit on the same day will be charged at 2.16% + Tax of the amount deposited.


  1. i have a mobilink sim i already use mobich
    now i makeed easy passa account through
    mobilink sim but i sed tex for PIN but not
    any reply from eassy passa compny
    and i cant know how to use
    easy passa acountt. plz help me

  2. So if I don’t have a mobile card then someone transfare me money using my cellphone number how can I access the money?


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