OPPO F11 Pro Low-Light Camera Test; A Device Worth the Praise

The recently launched OPPO F11 Pro is not just a beautiful smartphone but also have some pretty amazing specs under the hood. The main selling point of OPPO for many years has been the promise of a social-media worthy selfie but the company is now broadening its horizons and venturing into the land of photography.

The new mid-range smartphone comes with a dual camera setup featuring a 48MP main shooter plus a 5MP lens for sensing depth. The camera app of OPPO F11 has gone through a makeover where we can just swipe left and right to switch between video, photo and portrait mode.

We were lucky to get our hands on OPPO F11 Pro a few days early and gave our first impressions of the phone. We also got the chance to test the camera prowess during the launch event of the smartphone and found ourselves to be impressed by the low-light camera result.

The phone comes with a dedicated night mode which the phone’s AI automatically activates so you can take some amazing shots. You can also turn on the night mode manually.

OPPO F11 Pro also comes with a Dazzle Color mode which can brighten up the subject in the picture and not only enhances the color but also brightens up the photo.

Auto Mode on oppo F11 Pro
Auto Mode

HDR Mode on Oppo F11 Pro
Dazzle Color Mode

In OPPO F11 Pro, the night mode in the camera can really help the user to control the light especially in the case of well-lit subject.

Oppo Launch Event
Auto Mode

Image with Auto Mode on OPPO F11 Pro
Auto Mode

Oppo F11 Pro does not support optical zoom and has only 4x digital zoom and thus you’ll need to prepare yourself for some loss of details.

Picture with Auto Mode in OPPO F11 Pro
Auto Mode

Picture with 4x Zoom in OPPO F11 Pro
4x Zoom

Picture with Dazzel Color Mode in OPPO F11 Pro
Dazzle Color

Image with using zoom on oppo f11 pro
4x Zoom

Oppo Launch Event in Karachi
Auto mode

Picture with using zoom on oppo f11 pro

OPPO F11 Pro also performed quite well when we took some individual and group shots.

Natisha Hussain at the Launch Event of Oppo F11 Pro
Natasha Hussain

Nabeel Zubarie at the Launch Event of oppo F11 Pro
Nabeel Zubarie

Uzair Jaswal at the Launch event of OPPO F11 Pro
Uzair Jaswal

Geroge Long, CEO Oppo Pakistan at the Launch of Oppo F11 Pro
George Long, CEO OPPO Pakistan

Ali Kakvi, Marketing Director Oppo Pakistan at the Launch of Oppo F11 Pro
Ali Kakvi, Marketing Director OPPO Pakistan

Oppo Team at the launch event of oppo f11 Pro

The camera is also capable of taking some outstanding landscape shots at night

Shot on Oppo F11 Pro
Auto Mode

Landscape Shot with Auto Mode on Oppo F11 Pro
Auto Mode

Picture at night with auto mode on OPPO F11 Pro
Auto Mode

The HDR mode tends to brighten up the image a little when we are taking the pictures at night but there is not too much of a difference in the two photos.

Pot Picture with auto mode on Oppo F11 Pro
Auto Mode

Pot picture with HDR Mode on Oppo F11 Pro

The smartphone also does not waver when you are taking videos without a tripod at night and shows great stabilization even when you are zooming in and out while shooting a video.

The smartphone also performs quite amicably while recording music performance at night.

Our Verdict

Though we found the dazzle mode to be a little inconsistent, we loved the camera of OPPO F11 Pro which can take some amazing shots at night without compromising on the details too much and is capable of controlling the light without any major trouble.

OPPO F11 Pro boasts some powerful specs as we saw noticed in our first impressions and its back camera does not disappoint us in low- light conditions.

You can check out the highlights of the launch event here.

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