OPPO F11 Pro Review; Best Mid-range Device of 2019?

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OPPO F11 Pro Review

In 2018, OPPO introduced its first pop-up camera smartphone, Find X which managed to create a never-ending buzz in the tech world. This year, the company has managed to introduce the same feature in its mid-range smartphone, OPPO F11 Pro which is more than just a trendy camera phone.

The device comes with a beautiful design and some powerful specs in just Rs. 54,999. One look is enough to fall in love with this smartphone but will it able to hold its end during our detailed real-life testing? let’s find out.


As we described in our early impression of OPPO F11 Pro, the smartphone comes with an eye-catching design. The glossy finish and the gradient colors at the back will make you feel like you have a flagship device in your possession.

The company’s F series has undoubtedly improved a great deal in the design department since the launch of OPPO F9 whose back panel changed colors in when exposed to the light from different angles. The smartphone gives an illusion of a glass body even though it is made entirely out of plastic and the curved edges make it quite easy to maintain a firm grip on the smartphone.

Oppo F11 Pro backside

Our review unit is in Thunder Black color which seamlessly fades from blue at the bottom of the phone to black in the middle and purplish red at the top. The device is also available in Aurora Green color for users who prefer their phones to have a bit lighter shade.

There is a dual camera setup at the back of the smartphone and a traditional fingerprint sensor lies at the just below the two lenses. You won’t have to stretch your finger to reach the fingerprint sensor but if you are upgrading from a smaller phone, it might take a few tries to get used to its placement.

It is 2019 and we are still using the micro USB charging port in our mid-range devices which is rather disappointing. At the bottom of the device, we also have a headphone jack and a single speaker placed on either side of the charging port.

Oppo F11 Pro Charging Port and Speaker grill

At the top, we can see the place which houses the pop-up camera of the smartphone which emerges whenever you open the selfie mode in the camera app or use face recognition feature to unlock the smartphone.

Oppo F11 Pro mic

At the right side, OPPO F11 Pro has a power key and a hybrid SIM card slot. The button was quite easy to reach with our thumb even while using the smartphone with one hand.

Oppo F11 Pro Power Button & SIM Tray

On the left side, we get the volume rocker and the best thing about its placement is that your fingers rest naturally on the keys when you are using the device single-handedly.

Oppo F11 Pro Volume Rockers

Thanks to the pop-up camera, the smartphone has an almost bezel-less display which provides a larger screen space than many other mid-range phones. It is a slightly heavy device with 190g weight and for prolonged use, you will have to use both hands to operate the smartphone.


OPPO F11 Pro features a huge 6.5-inch IPS LCD panel with 1080×2340 pixels of screen resolution. With the absence of any notch or a cut-out, you get a beautiful display with a lot of screen space. It offers great viewing experience especially while gaming or watching movies, without compromising on the colors.

Oppo F11 Pro Front

The smartphone offers great viewability in indoors but due to its reflective screen, you will face problems looking at phone’s content under direct sunlight even with full brightness. You can also change the color temperature by accessing the display settings and choose between cooler, default and warmer screen, whichever feels comfortable to your eyes.

During our testing, we quite enjoyed the almost bezel-less display of the device but it was quite annoying to see that we could not use any live wallpaper from a third party app like Zedge or Live Wallpapers HD & Backgrounds, etc. on the smartphone.


OPPO F11 Pro runs on Color OS 6 based on Android Pie and comes with a plethora of features for the users. When you look at the OPPO’s new UI, you will see that it has come a long way from offering an iPhone-inspired skin and now we can see the company’s very own touch.

Color OS 6 comes with many customization options to make the smartphone yours in all the ways that it matters. There are large icons in the notification bar and a slider for brightness which are a big help for someone as clumsy as me who enables two to three toggles while turning on the WiFi or is not a fan of the really thin line for adjusting brightness.

By touching the three lines on the top right side of the notification panel, you can add or replace different toggles for quick settings. There is also a default Google Lens application to detect an object like books, plants, animals, devices, text, etc. to provide details and buying information to the user.

Smart Bar and Smart Assistant are also two major features in the OPPO F11 Pro which can make life easy for the users. The former provides quick shortcuts that can be accessed by swiping left from the edge of the display while the latter can gather all the widgets like calendar, to-dos, etc. that you need under one umbrella and can be accessed by swiping from left to right.

The user can also choose between gesture or traditional navigation buttons. Other features include Kid Space to limit phone time for children and Game Space to manage games on your OPPO F11 Pro and boost the phone performance during a gaming session.


Oppo F11 Pro is powered by MediatekHelio P70 chipset accompanied by 6GB RAM, 128GB of internal storage and Mali-G72 MP3 GPU. It is definitely a powerhouse whose performance blew us away during our real-life testing.

Throughout our use, the smartphone was pretty responsive and was quick to load any app on the device. It comes with Hyper Boost GPU acceleration technology which not only helps in the daily performance but also enhances the phone’s gaming capabilities. In heavy usage, the smartphone smoothly played all resource-intensive games like the Asphalt 9, PUBG, etc. and as expected, the phone worked flawlessly during moderate use.

The graphics of OPPO F11 Pro were also pretty amazing and it was quite impressive to see flagship-like graphics in a mid-range smartphone. We did notice a slight heating problem when the device was pushed to its limit during the heavy usage but still, it did not cause any stutters or lags.

The phone packs a 4000mAh battery and supports the company’s famous VOOC 3.0 fast charging system which took  1 hour and 34 minutes to charge the device from 0 to 100%. In one hour of light usage, the smartphone sucked up 13% of battery while it consumed 16% during the heavy usage which continued for the same amount of time.


OPPO F11 Pro comes with dual cameras including a 48MP primary lens and 5MP depth sensor. For selfies, the smartphone provides a 16MP motorized pop-up camera which appears whenever you switch to selfie mode in your camera app.

Oppo F11 Pro Backcamera

OPPO F11 Pro comes with a user-friendly camera interface and once you open the smartphone, you are greeted with three main categories i.e. Photo Video, Portrait. In each category, you can select different camera modes by tapping the three lines on the left.

The main camera of the smartphone is set to shoot pictures in 12MP bu default and you will manually have to select a 48MP option from the camera settings. Also, you will have to keep in mind that by choosing the 48MP option, you will have to let go of some of the camera features including HDR mode, AI scene recognition, dazzle color mode, digital zoom, and filters.

The rear cameras can take some amazing shots depicting decent colors, exposure, contrast, and high dynamic range. The Dazzle color mode does a great job in enhancing the color of the image and bringing the details forward for the users while the HDR mode manages to save the details of the image instead of overexposing the background.

Building Picture with Auto mode on Oppo F11 Pro
Auto Mode

Building Picture with Dazzle Color mode on Oppo F11 Pro
Dazzle Color Mode

Building Picture with HDR mode on Oppo F11 Pro
HDR Mode

GPO Building Picture with auto mode on Oppo F11 Pro
Auto Color Mode

GPO Building Picture with Dazzle Color mode on Oppo F11 Pro
Dazzle Color Mode

GPO Building Picture with HDR mode on Oppo F11 Pro
HDR Mode

GPO Builidng Picture with 4x Zoom on Oppo F11 pro
4x Zoom

Lahore Fort Picture with auto mode on Oppo F11 Pro
Auto Mode

Lahore Fort Building Picture with HDR Mode on OPPO F11 Pro
HDR Mode

Lahore Fort Building Picture with Dazzle Color Mode on OPPO F11 Pro
Dazzle Color Mode

In the low-light scenario, OPPO F11 Pro performed better than our expectations. You can take some amazing shots in the standard auto mode as well as in the dedicated night mode.

Oppo Launch Event
Auto Mode

Auto Mode on oppo F11 Pro
Auto Mode

HDR Mode on Oppo F11 Pro
HDR Mode

Shot on Oppo F11 Pro
Auto Mode

It is capable of controlling the lights at night when you are capturing a well-lit subject and thus maintains the details of the image. You can read the detailed low-light camera review by clicking here.

Oppo F11 Pro Front camera

When it comes to selfies, the 16MP pop-up camera gives great performance even when used against the sunlight.  The pictures come out on the softer side and the user gets tons of editing options to further enhance them to their liking.

Final Verdict

OPPO F11 Pro is made for power users and who love to own a pretty smartphone. It is definitely in the running to become one of the best mid-range devices of 2019 due to its immersive display, beautiful design and monstrous performance.

It is a perfect smartphone for gamers and heavy users as it will not lag or stutter no matter how much you try to push its limits. The pop-up camera is definitely not a gimmick in the OPPO F11 Pro and does not falter no matter how many times you summon it to take a picture. OPPO’s new mid-range phone is a delight to use and with its powerful specs has managed to stand out among the crowd.