OPPO 5X Optical Zoom

OPPO just like last year hasn’t introduced any new smartphone at MWC but has unveiled a new camera technology. Smartphones tend to go all blurry when the camera is zoomed in leading to not so great pictures but OPPO is here to finally change the game.

The Chinese smartphone company has introduced a new camera tech called “5x Dual Camera Zoom,” that offers 5x lossless zoom. Meaning the user can zoom in five times closer to their subject without losing any visible image quality whatsoever.

A bit of the technical aspect of this new development is that its uses a periscope style module where telephoto lens placed at a 90-degree angle and a wide-angle camera are placed next to each other.

Currently, the most current smartphone cameras provide 2x lossless zoom, so OPPO’s new camera technology is quite a welcome change.

OPPO has branded itself in the market as being a selfie expert. It has featured amazing and affordable camera tech in its smartphone. The recently launched OPPO A57 smartphone in Pakistan also offers 16 MP front camera to users, giving an idea about their obsession with the camera.

The Chinese smartphone company had made quite some waves in the smartphone market especially when it outstripped all the big brands with shipping 78.4 million mobile units in China last year. Its is also rapidly growing in the Pakistani market, leaving the likes of Samsung and Huawei worried.


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