Orient’s Smart Inverter ACs Sweeping the Customers Off their Feet

Orient smart inverter AC

When Orient released it Smart Edition Inverter Air Conditioners, no one was expecting it to be such a huge jump for Pakistan in the field of technology.

The smart edition inverter air conditioners do not only allow the customer to control the current air quality but allow you to have a complete control over its every aspect.

It has an internal Smart Wi-Fi kit which connects the AC to the MEVRIS application on your phone or any other smart device and via the internet connection, it gives you the freedom to not just regulate how your AC runs but also schedule it for weeks, months, even years.

It has a timeline feature which allows you to monitor the current status of the AC and also notifies you of errors.

The Smart Edition Air Conditioner also has a built-in energy meter which is an incredible innovation in itself. It is the perfect weapon against hefty electricity cost as it gives you a complete report of how many voltages are available and how the amperes, power, and energy units have been used.

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As soon as the smart edition inverter ACs were released, the customers thronged to Orient’s online store to purchase this epic smartness and were not disappointed at all.

One of the very first owners of the smart edition DC Inverter AC shared his story with us, “When I heard about Orient’s Smart AC I thought it was just a marketing gimmick until one of my friends purchased it. He told me all that his AC could do and showed me how it works and I was blown away by the technology.”

“Now I have one in my own home and all I can say is it is still mind-boggling how such innovative technology is introduced to Pakistan by a Pakistani company which is at par with the biggest appliance companies in the world! I am extremely impressed,” he added.

And we couldn’t agree more, it is absolutely fascinating and a must have for every individual who wants to live in innovation in the purest sense. If you too have a tech-insect in you, do not forget to bring one home so that you can experience the smartness as well.

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