Vespa Elettrica electric scooter

The world’s famous scooter company Vespa has said that it is going electric! The Vespa’s parent company Piaggio has announced an electric scooter, which will hit the market in 2017.

The announcement was made two days ahead of the Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo e Motociclo (EICMA) or the Milan Motorcycle Show. At present, this scooter is just a concept, and it is expected to come in an entirely metallic body.

The Vespa Elettrica will run on an electric motor, and you will still get the style and manoeuvrability of a classic Vespa. According to the company, this electric scooter will come with the most technologically advanced electronic features.

In a statement, Vespa said, “The Vespa Elettrica will, first and foremost, be an actual Vespa, bringing the very latest in electric technology to a vehicle that will retain all the features that have been vital to its success.”

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The company has not yet announced the price of this electric scooter. But, according to the experts, there is a great chance that the Vespa Elettrica would be a high-end vehicle from Vespa, and it would be very expensive.

As the prices of the petrol are already rising, the Vespa’s plan of launching an electric scooter sounds good. But, this kind of vehicles is not suitable if you want to go on long travel. Just recently, a lot of companies have introduced their electric cars, but we can use them only for the small distances. Moreover, if you recharge the battery of your electric vehicle very often, it would add a lot of units to your electricity bill.

In Pakistan, most of the people prefer motorcycles over scooters, but let’s see if Vespa’s electric scooter wins the heart of the individuals who like to drive electric vehicles.


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