Overcoming Challenges: Work from Home

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been forced to face numerous ramifications whether it is social distancing, lockdown or working from home. To ‘flatten the curve’ of exposure to the virus, companies globally whether small or large had to implement the ‘work from home’ policy for employees and Pakistan is no exception. The majority of organizations in the country have directed their employees to stay at home and remain safe during these trying times.

The idea of ‘work from home’ is not something that most people are used to and would find themselves feeling lost as they are used to an office environment. If you are someone who can relate, then no need to worry. We have some useful tips that can help you be more proactive and productive while working from home.

  • First and foremost, you should create a workspace in your house that is peaceful and doesn’t have any disruptions.
  • Organize and plan your day by ensuring you are connected with the internet, have backup power, your laptop, diary, pen, and list of tasks in place.
  • Have a regular morning call with your team to prioritize numerous tasks on a daily basis.
  • In order to remain productive, take small breaks in between work to freshen up your mind, have your meals and stay hydrated.
  • To conclude your day it is important to know when to switch off work and go back to your normal life at home.

Work from Home

Moreover, we believe that time management is crucial to achieving your goals for the day as people around us at home don’t realize that we are ‘actually’ working. It appears that family members will be assigning household chores to the professional working from home that may take up your ‘work time.’ The comfortable environment at home can also make you procrastinate and hamper in your productivity. These tips will help you work efficiently while you are at home and maintain a much-needed work-life balance, during the lockdown.

PTCL is one such corporate entity that to has effectively switched to ‘work from home’ mode. Furthermore, the national company has also enabled its contact center agents to work from home with all the necessary arrangements to serve its customers seamlessly. It is ensuring that network spread across Pakistan remains robust and operational for smooth business operations. This has not only resulted in facilitating employees with required tools and connectivity but also business continuity of services for millions of Pakistanis for their daily communication, work activities, entertainment, and information needs.

When you are productive and happy, you can enjoy and appreciate the perks of ‘work from home’ better. While working from home sounds tempting at first, one soon realizes it is much more challenging to maintain a work-life balance in your life when you’re not in your office set up that we are used to. Having said that, you will still need to circumvent your tough work schedules to find time for your family and for yourself.

Stay home, work hard and stay safe!

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