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The social media feeds exaggerate a curiosity in one.  They most effectively exhibit the best and the worst of humanity. That’s because no one shows you how to use social media properly. Arshad Khan, who typically got famous as ‘chaiwala’ on social media, has become an overnight social media sensation. He was captured by a photographer Javeria Ali during a photowalk at Sunday market in Islamabad.

Social media is going gaga over his looks. However, for the past two days, the number of posts and images are being sighted on the social media referring to him ‘chaiwala’ rather than bringing up his real name, Arshad Khan. Who is this man? A chaiwala? If fortunately Arshad Khan is catapulted to fame then why to harass a poor man on screen with ridiculous questions.

Within no time, Arshad Khan has become a popular trend on Twitter. Digital media still has the power to mold the trend. The power they still have to draw interest through careful control of content. Considering the run of the mill, Javeria Ali posted it on her Instagram but soon the man becomes a talk of the town and is everywhere on social and electronic media internationally.


  • His real name is Arshad Khan.
  • He has 16 siblings
  • He is from Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Yes. He is a teenager- 18 years old-
  • His family has been living in Islamabad for 25 years, previously he was a fruit seller at the same Sunday market, but for three months he started working at the tea stall.
  • He would love to accept modeling/acting offers.
  • He is also getting a lot of offers!
  • He doesn’t mind being called “chaiwala.”
  • He has thanked all his fans.
  • He thinks he resembles Shahrukh Khan.

Arshad Khan has become the overnight crush of many girls. Some said that this was their answer to Momina Mustahsan, a Coke Studio singer, who also became common among Pakistani males for her bird-like voice. The Twitter was flooded with tweets about the good looks of Arshad Khan, and he is said to be working at a stall in the federal capital.

arshad-khan-facebook-postA leading Indian English daily, Indian Express carried a full story of Arshad Khan. It reported, “Move over Fawad Khan; this ‘dreamy-eyed’ Pakistani chaiwala is the new online sensation.”

Times of India said that Arshad Khan is being called Pakistan’s “nuclear weapon.”

The news made all the way across the border to India, where people could not stop flattering on his looks. Even Buzz Feed India couldn’t help but spread the word.

buzz-feed-india about Arshad KhanAfter the photo had gone viral on the internet within hours, people started making witty remarks about how good looking the boy is. Some social media freaks went on to draw the comparison between the tea seller and famous Pakistani and Indian film stars.


Pakistanis don’t just make good chai; they even look really good while making it. While girls have been swooning over Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi, this famous Arshad Khan from Islamabad is setting the stage on fire with his killer eyes and good looks. He is posing a serious threat to all the good-looking faces in the country.


Some are sharing the picture of the boy, and some are comparing him with Fawad Khan while others are placing him in front of Hamza Ali Abbasi.


kam-wali Twitter Trend

After an unusual trend, Twitter has been flooded with some another common trend like Kamwali. Here’s what people have been saying about the latest trend.


Several social media users who came across the picture have admitted that they thought he was a model and endorsing a product.



The next celebrated KHAN in Pakistan after Fawad Khan?

In the interview with Dawn, Arshad Khan refused to take offers of working in the movies at first. But after becoming an overnight celebrity sensation, answering a question, Arshad Khan said he was willing to work in the film industry. Well, who doesn’t?

Jaweria Ali told a TV channel at the tea shop that she had no idea the picture would go viral.


Later on, different websites reported that Arshad Khan had received a modeling contract from an online retailer in Islamabad. The online shopping store in the federal capital posted his several pictures in the blue suit on Facebook.

The company announced in its post that Arshad would be working as a model for its ‘full version launch’. “Chaiwala is no more chaiwala, now he is fashion wala,” said a Facebook post by the online store.


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