Great news for the Pakistanis living abroad! They will now be able to vote online easily just by using their mobile phones! The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) announced that online voting by 8 million overseas Pakistanis was possible and doable.

The overseas Pakistanis would be registered with NADRA and their biometric impression would be recorded. They would then be issued a secret code, after which, they can cast their vote on their registered mobile number using the given code.

The registration and election process for the Pakistanis living abroad would entirely be handled by NADRA.

Last year, NADRA had announced that the voter biometric verification, use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) and voting by the expatriates would not be possible until 2018. But now, it has confirmed to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) that the online voting by Pakistanis living in other countries is possible.

The Punjab government is already doing a lot of efforts to solve the problems of Pakistanis living abroad. It has established a Commission for Pakistanis living abroad (Punjab Chapter). MORE Magazine recently had the honor to meet Mr. Afzaal Bhatti, the Commissioner of Overseas Pakistanis Commission (Punjab). He enthusiastically shared the performance of the department during past one year.

According to him, approximately, ten million overseas Pakistanis are living in different countries. 60% of Overseas Pakistanis live in Saudi Arabia, and, the rest belong to US, UK, and other countries.