Overseas Pakistanis in Dubai should consider investing in Punjab

Overseas Pakistanis investment
Commissioner Overseas Pakistanis Commission Punjab, Afzaal Bhatti

Afzaal Bhatti being the commissioner of Overseas Pakistanis Punjab knows that the Pakistanis living abroad keep facing complications over various issues.

He is trying his best to make better the life of the Pakistanis living abroad. He wants to pave the way for the investments that are supposed to come from overseas Pakistanis which are currently a little slow due to various bottlenecks in the country.

The commissioner has said that Punjab Province offers most lucrative and low-risk opportunities for investors especially in the field of energy, agriculture, livestock & dairy development, mines & minerals, tourism, and infrastructure.

During a meeting with Ambassador of Pakistan in U.A.E Asif Durrani in Dubai Afzaal Bhatti said that Punjab government is offering a pro-business environment and a positive policy framework to generate foreign and domestic investment.

Highlighting the investment opportunities in Punjab, Commissioner OPC said that the Pakistanis living in Dubai should invest in various sectors in Punjab; Provincial Government would provide complete protection to their investment. He further said that Overseas Pakistanis Commission Punjab is a part of the efforts to bring foreign investments in Punjab.

He told that on the particular instructions of the Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, complete technical assistance is being provided to investors to set up new projects in the province.

He informed that OPC is playing an active role to solve the problems of the Overseas Pakistanis related to government agencies of the Punjab and challenges of Overseas Pakistanis living in Dubai would also be addressed on priority basis.

Earlier, in an interview, Afzaal Bhatti revealed that the units which do not have proper systems create more problems for the Overseas Pakistanis.

Some departments just ransack the person who sends the money from abroad. Most of the Pakistanis living in the gulf countries send a huge remittance.

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