Earlier, we have seen how a man in the USA filed a case against Samsung. In Pakistan, a corporate lawyer has also advised that the users of Galaxy Note 7, who have sale invoices of the smartphones, could go to the consumer courts in a bid to claim the refund for the faulty devices.

Although Samsung has reportedly announced that it will not bring the Galaxy Note 7 in Pakistan unless the battery issue is resolved and the local management has also canceled the pre-booking of this smartphone as part of global precautionary measures, the device is landing in Pakistan through grey channels (smuggling). The flagship device is illegally available on some of the leading online shopping portals in the country. Smuggling is a big issue for our country and according to a report, smuggled mobile phones meet 59% demand in Pakistan.

According to the lawyer Shehryar Kasuri, if the owner of the Note 7 in Pakistan has no evidence of purchasing the faulty gadget from the market, the court would not be able to entertain him. However, if a shopkeeper is found to be involved in the smuggling of any kind of items, the consumer court may send the case to the Customs, the Express Tribune reported.

On the other hand, reports are coming that the people who purchased Samsung’s faulty device Galaxy Note 7 were thinking that their problem will be solved with the replacement units from the company, but unfortunately, they were wrong as the replacement gadgets also have some issues.

A number of customers have complained that the replacement units of Note 7 also have some issues related to the battery. The users are reporting that their new devices are overheating and becoming dead without any caution.

According to some customers who received the replacement devices, their new smartphones starts heating up when they plug them on charging. The device loses 40 percent charge in less than 30 minutes and then turns off on its own.

Analysts are saying that the use of fast charging technology in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is causing the issues in this device while some are saying that there is a software glitch in this phone.

Aside from this, the South Korean smartphone manufacturer has denied that the replacement units have any battery-related issue. According to a spokesperson for Samsung, mass production might be the reason behind the problems found in the replacement devices.

If you have mistakenly purchased the new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, you can check if your unit has any fault in its battery or not by visiting the web page launched by the company.