Pak Afghan Border Google Maps

Pakistan and Afghanistan have agreed to conduct a GPS enabled geological survey in a hope to solve a long-standing border dispute.  Recent clashes reportedly began when a Pakistani census team along with Pakistan Army officials, visited the disputed villages on May 5.

Afganistan is yet to recognize the 1500 mile border with Pakistan which was defined back in 1947. The border is also recognized as the Durand line,  but several nationalists believe that the true border between the two countries exists at the Indus River.

A senior Pakistani official has stated, “Officials from the geological survey departments of the two countries will conduct a survey, and they will also make use of Google Maps.” The police chief of Kandahar province, southern Afghanistan, has also said that both Pakistan and Afghanistan have agreed to conduct a geological survey.

Google complies with national demands when designing region specific maps. For instance, Google Maps for India shows Kashmir as an area controlled by the Indian Army while the Pakistani version marks the area with a dotted line to depict it as a disputed territory.

Last year Pakistani made TPL maps launched with an emotional tagline ‘Kashmir is Ours’. While Google is improving its Map services by adding accessibility options such as the recently added ability to find your parked car, the company would never have foreseen a whole dispute to be possibly solved by the app.


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