With every new launch of a smartphone in Pakistan, Huawei seems to be raising the bar further up for the rivals. Not only the prices are competitive, but even the mid-range phones are also getting stuffed with high-end features.

Nova 3 and 3i are the testament of Huawei’s’ strategy of making technology affordable for the Pakistanis. A round-table discussion before the launch focused on some strategical moves Huawei has taken and further plan to better the consumer experience in the country.

Customer liking in the country has made Pakistan one of the three fastest-growing regions globally for Huawei where the Chinese giant closed Q2 2018 with 22.2% market share –  number two in terms of volume.

According to Blueking Wang, Manager, Huawei Consumer Business Group in Pakistan, at this price the AI packed phone is an amazing addition.

“It has more scenarios than any other Huawei phones for creating better photos. The selfies come exceptionally well by only treating the face and keeping the background intact. And this is not possible without AI”, said Blueking.

Why 970 chipset In a Mid-ranger?

Huawei has put flagship level specs in the Nova series, but the price ranges between 40K – 60K. Its latest flagship P20 Pro comes with 970 chipsets and AI capability, and so is the case with Nova series. How cost effective it is?

“We research, develop and manufacture our own chipset, so it is easier for us to determine the cost-effectiveness. So that is why we are bringing flagship level qualities to our lower phones so that more and more people could experience AI”, responded Blueking.

“And by the way, Kirin 980 is the new flagship”, he further added.

While responding to a question about opening any manufacturing or an R&D facility in Pakistan, the team responded that there are no plans for such operation as of now, but the doors are open.

“If it is about aesthetics, we have a facility in Paris, and if we talk about the supply chain, Japan gives us better options. It all depends upon cost efficiency, kind of skilled force that is available and of course the raw material in a particular region for deciding to open a facility in a specific region”, Blueking commented.

“However, the consumer intelligence from Pakistan led us to upgrade Nova series with 128 GB of memory in this price range”, he further added.