Pakistan Army acknowledges the role of PITB for improved governance

Pakistan Army acknowledges role PITB

Amazed and impressed by the technology initiatives of Punjab government with the help of Punjab Infomation Technology Board (PITB), a team of Pakistan army from the Information & Communication Technology division and 4 Corps visited Arfa Software & Technology Park and had a meeting with the Chairman PITB, Dr. Umar Saif, and his core team.

The team of Pakistan army appreciated the revolutionary steps taken by PITB for the improved governance in Punjab by using modern technology particularly the modernization of Police in Punjab for better security, efforts to improve the affairs of health and education and overall management in the province for the benefit of government and the citizens.

While talking about the development, Dr. Umar Saif told, they wanted to understand our systems and technologies for better management and law enforcement and explore ways in which we can collaborate.

Pakistan army has established a new cadre of IT which has its focus in improving the ways for better governance within the institution.

“This was an introductory meeting, and we will now start exploring ways to collaborate,” commented Dr. Saif.

Recently PITB assisted Motorways police for digitizing the entire process of challans. This E-Ticketing is a technology oriented solution in which patrol officers will keep a handheld device connected to central data server located at Islamabad.

Arfa Software Technology Park is the Country’s largest Information and Communications Technology Park, which is not only involved in digitizing the government departments but also assist and support young innovators for becoming the part of technology stream.

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