Pakistan Citizen Portal has been facing extreme challenges in resolving public complaints and issues since its launch. Apparently, the bureaucratic hurdles are one of the biggest stumbling blocks to achieving e-governance in Pakistan.

In a step to connect people with the government and address people’s complaints, Prime Minister launched the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal with which any citizen will be able to lodge a complaint about any govt. Department. However, numerous reports are surfacing where citizens are complaining that no one is paying heed to their grievances.

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According to media reports, when someone files a complaint against a government official or department, the complaint is forwarded to the same department where the officials wait for few days and then check the “Complaint Resolved” box without rectifying the issue.

A few days back when a teacher working with the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) registered a complaint against the administration. The complaint was forwarded to the OPF, and the officials there took action against the teacher. They not only demoted her but also warned her of severe consequences.

According to the official figures, 84,400 complaints have been resolved since the inception of the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal. However, the figures are not investigated by the independent body, and there is a growing dissatisfaction among the general public regarding the portal.