A tech company in the country has introduced Pakistan’s first-ever robot journalist. The software is being employed in Pakistan Stock Exchange where it writes and reports stock market happenings.

The software solution based on artificial intelligence (AI) is named Dante and is capable of content writing related to stock exchange, weather and sports.

This robot journalist is manufactured by a group of talented individuals who also have created their company, baseH, which specializes in AI integrations, software solutions, and gadgets based on machine learning.

At the moment Dante is publishing reports at the Pakistan stock exchange. However, the company is working on it to create content related to health, education, culture, and tourism.

Startup baseH is currently negotiating with three significant media houses to incorporate AI based journalist. “Media houses will be able to feed their editorial policy in order to automate the whole process of writing content related to news, articles, tickers and reports according to their policy,” said baseH founder.

Stock market closes at 3:30 pm and Dante, robot journalist, make sure to publish the report before 3:31 pm. Dante writes stories after evaluating graphs, charts, and other analytics. It also incorporates feedback from the internet especially social media activity. At the end of each day, robot journalist also develops a video relating to share scenarios and upload it directly to Youtube.

The incorporation of robot journalism in different sectors will not only prove cost effective but will also boost the human-error free reports. Although its still in future, when it gets fully developed robot journalist will undoubtedly increase the efficiency of media houses and other businesses.