IT Park in Pakistan

Anusha Rehman,┬áMinister of State of Information Technology and Telecommunication has revealed that the government will sign the loan agreement for the first true IT Park in January 2017. This information was relayed while talking to the press on Mobilink’s SMS based literacy program showcase event.

While talking about the IT park Ms. Anusha relayed that she is working towards bringing a true and much needed IT Park in Pakistan as she is not satisfied with the ones that are already in the country. She said:

“Pakistan doesn’t have a proper Technology Park that can combine all the research in a cohesive and comprehensive way.”

She continued that Pakistan’s first technology park is ready with the complete documentation. In early January 2017, the loan agreement between the government’s Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) and Korea Exim Bank will be signed which will result in the establishment of IT Park.

She further revealed that the estimated cost of the project is PKR 8 billion and will cover the land of around 45 acres. There are a few IT Parks in Pakistan that are already working towards contributing to the IT future in Pakistan. Ministry of IT is not satisfied with what they’ve accomplished so far and aims to build an IT park that can help bring internet solutions to the citizens all around the country.

Ms. Anusha also disclosed that the policy for 2018 in regards to broadband reach and penetration is to increase it to 50pc in Pakistan. It is yet to be seen how government aims to fulfill its claims but one thing is certain that our country will either see a new era of technology or IT wars in the country.


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