Pakistan tourism industry seeks Thailand's investment

Pakistan in a bid to revive its long dead tourism industry has asked for help from Thailand. Abdul Ghafoor Khan, Managing Director Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) has recommended the officials of King Power, Thailand’s renowned investment group to invest in Pakistan’s tourism sector.

He recently visited Thailand on a four days official where he met Pakistani Ambassador Dr. Sohail Khan to discuss visa issues faced by people who intend to visit Pakistan. Our country houses many holy sites of various religions of the world mainly Sikhs,

Our country houses many historical heritages and holy sites of various religions of the world mainly Sikhs, Hindus, and Buddhist who often face difficulty in obtaining the visa.

Ghafoor Khan said that embassy has eased visa issuance as compared to the one before where they are issuing visas within 48 hours.

He hopes that more people from Thailand would visit our country in the future. He said; “We hope the return from (Thailand’s) investment will help Pakistan in achieving its development goals.”

During his official visit, he also mentioned that they plan to introduce a special police force for tourists based on the pattern by Thailand in order to provide maximum security to the tourists.


  1. this country is a paradise on earth ,if developed and invested within the sources available .it could invite many interested to come .some how tourism has not been given the due attention it should have received . our northern area is full of natural beauty.holy shrines are another source of tourism

    • Not just the northern areas, we have beautiful deserts, ruins of old civilizations etc. but regretfully no government has ever paid any attention towards developing Pakistan as a tourist destination.


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