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If I write Pakistan Jeep Rally, the first thing strikes in my mind is Cholistan Jeep Rally. Very true, this famous off-road race has become so popular during past 11 years since its birth in the desert of Cholistan that it has become a point of recognition for us across the world.

The mega-event takes place in the Cholistan Desert, near the Derawar Fort in Bahawalpur. Around 100 drivers and about 100,000 visitors witness it every year. Its purpose is to showcase Pakistan’s rich historical culture.

The fun is growing, and it has heightened so much that just recently we witnessed a similar off-road race event in Lahore in the bank of River Ravi.

And we now know that every famous movie or sport get a virtual representation as well, and how can this amazing Jeep Rally be left unheard.

Pakistan Jeep Rally – The Game

Now you can experience the adrenaline of the rally through your phone. OffRoad Studios (The arcade arcade gaming studio that brought you ‘Najam ki Chirya’) is bringing you a fun version of the infamous Cholistan Jeep Rally, with twists you will love.

The team of Pakistan Jeep Rally stated, “We have infused everything that makes our country great and developed the most Pakistani game ever. Navigate your jeep through the desert while dodging interactive objects; collect coins and powerups as you go.”

The Hooks – Mimics Of Celebrities

Pakistan Jeep Rally Imran Khan mimic

Don’t be surprised if you see Imran Khan zooming past you throwing ‘balas’ to bring tabdeeli to your game, Ayesha Sana making it bright for you by throwing light bulbs or Zardari keeping his promise by giving you a good supply of ‘rotis.’ Watch out for these celebrity bosses and their entrance.

The desi Off-Road vehicles are political, provincial and celebrity-themed. Pakistan’s celebrated truck art is translated onto the jeeps, and they look kind of cool. For instance, the Punjab Jeep has visuals of the infamous Badshahi Mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan, a ‘dhol’ and the term ‘Balay Balay’ graffitied on a vibrant background.

Tell about your favorite Characters

Regular polls will be conducted on our Facebook page to see what boss, Jeep or characteristic do you want us to add next. If you enjoy it as much as we anticipate, don’t forget to rate, share and review it.

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