If you are not very happy with Pakistan Post lately, you have a reason to change the opinion about our national service.

PTI government has launched an Android App to rival the most modern courier services in Pakistan that are leading the market in terms of quality of services.

The launch of the Android app is well in line with the idea of revamping the Pakistan Post for which the government vowed just a few days back.

The app which is also called Pakistan Post isn’t very popular on play store yet but offers some useful information at one place, the most important one is the tracking of your parcel.

While launching the apps, federal minister Murad Saeed highlighted that there was a scarcity of courier services in Pakistan for the exporters and the government wished to target parcel export market of worth $ 4 billion. He also ensured that the revamped service will take 72 hours to deliver any export order.

Pakistan Post is currently bearing a PKR. 5 bn loss annually which the government wants to minimize with the help of digitization. However, Murad said Pakistan Post was expecting up to $ 2.5 billion worth of foreign direct investment on public private partnership model.

A courier will reach the premises of the consumer just like any other service in town for picking up the parcel if the sender meets the delivery volume criteria.

The minister started the new initiatives as a part of the pilot project in 10 cities including Lahore and Sialkot and wishes to replicate the same in all the cities by January 10, 2019.

Problems To Address With The App

The mobile app which the minister launched in Islamabad is already on the play store since November 2017 and a latest version was updated on December 29, 2018.

The app is no different than the website of the organization that put on display every service in a more manual way.

We downloaded the app and found out the “setting” menu was just present as a button but didn’t offer any further menu. And similarly, another major drawback is the language of the apps which is English in this case, however, Pakistan Post’s network spread’s across the country and where it should be of help to Pakistanis in regional languages.

There is a manual way of calling the courier for picking up the parcel whereas a true digital initiative would automatically pinpoint the sender’s location through GPS just like our ride-hailing services.

The app doesn’t take advantage of any database and only displays the redundant lists of prices and cities.