Pakistan Railways is taking another step towards going digital as it has introduced computerized ticket examiner system for the passengers.

The new system will be introduced on trial basis in railway cars traveling from Rawalpindi to Lahore. One of the biggest problems of Pakistan Railways is that many passengers board the train without a ticket and end up traveling without paying a single dime which in turn hurts the national kitty.

Raza Ali Habib, Divisional Commercial Officer Pakistan Railways while talking to Dunya revealed that they have completed the preparations to bring on computerized ticket examiner system as part of their organization.

The new system will keep a record of the passengers who boarded the railway cars and will also check up on people who tried to travel without a ticket. Also, it will automatically update the time, checking of the passengers, the fare, and the fines imposed on the people traveling by Pakistan Railways.

Previously, Pakistan Railways introduced e-ticketing for the passengers which created a record of 10 million ticket sales in one year. Thanks to e-ticketing a passenger doesn’t has to waste time in a queue rather with e-ticketing system, they can use their debit or credit cards to make the purchase or they can use the JazzCash Mobile Accounts or JazzCash agents to pay for their booked e-ticket.