Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) revealed the latest data regarding the mobile phone imports in the country. According to this data, Pakistan has recorded 4.23 percent increase in the cell phone imports during the year 2015 -16 against the imports in the previous year.

The report says that the country imported total mobile phones worth $753.22 million. The previous year, the overall mobile phone imports were worth $722.622. The total cell phone imports saw a decrease of 0.86 percent during July 2015 to June 2016 as compared to same period in the previous year.

PBS recorded an entire telecom import of $1.365 billion in 2015-16 against $1.377 billion in the year 2014-15. Other than mobile phones, the telecom equipment import also saw a decline of 6.48 percent during this time. The telecom apparatus import stood at $612.113 million during July-June (2015-16) as compared to $654.508 million during the same period of last year.


If we talk about the data of the previous years, the overall import of telecommunication products was at $193.229 million in July-August (2015-16) while in July-August (2014-15), the import was worth $270.219 million.

A comparison of mobile subscribers and mobile phone imports

With the advancement in the communication technologies and the introduction of 3G and 4G-LTE in Pakistan, the analysts say that the import of the smartphones in the country may surpass the import of feature phones in the country by 2018.

Previously, there were only two 4G-LTE operators in the country, i.e., Warid and Zong. But now, as Telenor Pakistan has won the spectrum auction of 850MHz, the Norwegian company is likely to launch LTE services by next year in Pakistan.

In May, the mobile phone subscribers in Pakistan were increased by 0.60 percent. Presently, Mobilink is leading the telecommunication market in Pakistan with more than 38.9 million customers followed by Telenor Pakistan, which has a huge base of 37.9 million mobile subscribers in the country.

Zong has 25.1 million customers. Ufone is standing at the fourth number; the total customers are 20.3 million while Warid Telecom has secured only 11.1 million mobile subscribers so far.

Mobilink, which has recently reintroduced its Jazz brand and is also launching various kind of handsets for its customers, is introducing very affordable internet packages. That is why it is standing at the first number in the Pakistani mobile market. However, the figures don’t always remain the same. Many people are waiting for the launch of Telenor’s 4G.


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