Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite (PRS), which is currently under development, will be launched in 2018. This satellite will be used to monitor the environment of the Earth. Moreover, the experts will use it for forecasting the weather, and creating the maps of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects.

Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite will be launched in collaboration with China. It will be sent under the CPEC program and in the future, Pakistan and China will jointly work in almost all kind of space technologies.

Pakistan is progressing in the field of space science, and according to Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO), the country will achieve yet another milestone by launching its remote sensing satellite.

Moreover, the theme for this year’s World Space Week is also “Remote Sensing.” This year, the Space Week focuses on the advantages of the remote sensing technologies and how they can benefit the people in different ways.

SUPARCO has also introduced a Space Bus, which will enable students of the rural areas to learn about the space science. This bus will travel through the remote areas of Pakistan and reach out to different universities and colleges. Students will be offered a ride, and they will be shown different kinds of visual images of the space. More than 80 students can sit on this bus at a time.

Furthermore, SUPARCO will hold space shows and lectures for the students in collaboration with the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Planetarium from October 18, 2016, to October 21, 2016.

These events will end with a two-day space family fair which will be organized by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Museum in Karachi. It will be an interesting fair for the people who take an interest in space science.

Additionally, different kinds of space movies will be shown, and the satellite models will also be showcased in this fair. These celebrations will be held at the same time in 14 cities across Pakistan.