21-year-old Pakistani becomes world’s third best hacker

While the world associates Pakistan with terrorism, crimes, Talibanisation and all that is dark, there are some Pakistanis that make their country proud on the international level. One of those is Shahmeer Amir, who is a gem in his discipline and serving to secure the cyberspace.

Shahmeer Amir, a Multan-born guy, is ranked among top bug hunters in the world and is listed at number 3 by the world’s top platforms for ethical hacking, darkreading, and HackerOne.

The 21-year-old boy has earned more than PKR 15 million by reporting around 870 bugs to global companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Microsoft. The Pakistani icon has donated half of his earnings to emerging causes around the world.

Owing to his achievements, Shahmeer has been invited to the biggest global hacking event, DEFCON. He has also been invited to major hacking conferences around the world to discuss ethical hacking and cyber-security.

He is currently heading a company named Cyphlon and working on the projects to better secure Pakistani cyberspace from internal and external threats.

Earlier, a 14-year-old Pakistani Muhammad Shehzad secured a position in the Google Hall of Fame by uncovering many security bugs in the Google products. He discovered a fault in the security system of Android OS v4.4 (KitKat) and successfully bypassed the password.

A 10-year-old Pakistani Jani amazed the world when he found a security bug in Facebook-owned Instagram and received a reward of PKR 1 million.

What is an ethical hacker?

An ethical hacker is one who is responsible for locating and reporting bugs or security lapses in websites and mobile applications. The Ethical hackers help strengthen website security so that unethical hackers could not exploit these weaknesses.

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