How much distance a 70cc bike covers in a liter? Around 45km to 50km and presently as I am writing this, it costs Rs. 98. Well, get ready for a most affordable commuting you have ever dreamt of. An engineer from Peshawar has modified a bike that can travel a distance of over 100 km in just Rs. 15, reports local media.

Shahryar is the man behind the innovative concept and has created an electric bike (e-bike) by modifying a normal 70cc gasoline powered motorcycle while also making sure that it can carry a load up to 250 kg.

It’s not the first time that someone from Pakistan ventured into manufacturing an e-bike, however, no one was even close to attaining such a whooping mileage from a two-wheeler.

According to the local media report, it takes just 3 hours to charge a bike while the batteries last for 102 km in a single charge.

“I can convert a petrol driven car into an electric vehicle if the government provides me with necessary assistance,” claimed Shahryar.

Globally, electric vehicles are quickly replacing the combustion engine driven automobiles. The reason behind is it’s not only cost effective but also environment-friendly as electric vehicles produce no smoke at all. It’s highly commendable that Peshawar resident has created such a bike besides having limited exposure and resources.