Pakistani entrepreneur develops PRSRV, the best Power Bank to date

Don’t you just hate carrying all these wires to charge your smartphone and a giant power bank to make sure you don’t run out of juice at an intricate moment?

Well, the solution to this problem is finally here as a Pakistani entrepreneur brings us the perfect little product “PRSRV” to solve this issue. PRSRV is the power bank of the future that ensures ease of use and preserves excessive energy as well.

How PRSRV Power Bank works

PRSRV power bank How to use
How PRSRV power bank works

PRSRV is an 8,000 mAh power bank that works in a simple way. First, instead of connecting your phone to the electrical outlet, connect it to the power bank which in turn would be connected to the socket.

When your phone would be completely charged, PRSRV would stop sending the current to your smartphone and instead redirect the power to charge itself. Through such mechanism, you can be sure that your phone would not overcharge and at the same time charge up your power bank.

Many of us prefer to charge our smartphones at night while going to bed, so we’ll have a completely charged phone in the morning. The drawback of such practice is that even if your phone is charged in two hours or more, for the rest of the night it is still plugged into an electric socket.


PRSRV power bank Features
Features of PRSRV power bank

The feature that makes it different than many power banks out there in the market is its ejectable battery. It is the first power bank that can be used in two different locations at the same time.

Instead of carrying the heavy power bank, users can just use the removable credit card shaped battery that promises 30% charge and can easily fit into your wallet. Whereas when you need excessive battery life, you can take the whole power bank with you.

PRSRV power bank advantages

It also has a USB C and iPhone/Android connecting ports, 4 level LED indicators and a quick charge feature.

PRSRV power bank components
PRSRV power bank components

How it came to be

PRSRV is the brainchild of Hamza Ansar CEO and Founder of Innovation 101, who conceived and developed the prototype of the eco-friendly mobile charger.

Hamza wondered that there was no efficient way to stop your phones from overcharging at night. Concerned about the looming energy crisis and curious finding a better way of charging mobile phones, he started working on an idea which ended in the first proof of concept working prototype.

PRSRV prototype power bank
PRSRV first prototype

The next step was the formation of a team who realized that consumers couldn’t suddenly change their habits of charging their phones at night. Thus, came the concept of the power bank that stops the waste of electricity and can also be divided into two parts to provide extra mobility.

In Pakistan, an entrepreneur faces many challenges despite the rise in startups fo the past few years. No matter how great product or an idea is, it requires additional support or lifeline.  The same kind of help was provided by TeamUp which supported Hamza’s idea with the right mentorship, thus, opening up various gateways towards investment and consultations.

Pervaiz Abbasi, Project Director National Incubation Centre is also a Chief Thinking Officer at Innovation 101. While talking to MORE he described that Pakistan has a lot of raw talent especially in the youngsters who are not just capable but also passionate about innovation.

Pakistani startups and innovators need better mentorship and proper channels

Every idea no matter how brilliant it is, require a little support to flourish. Mr. Pervaiz described that for an incubator, it is not enough to present an office and working internet, rather what they really need is guidelines that can help them with understanding the industry, how to market your product and how to nurture the idea into a viable growing business.

The same effort, to channelize and support his ideas provided by TeamUp, helped Hamza to realize his passion. Mr. Pervaiz relays that their platform will continue to help innovative people like Hamza and will continue to support them in their struggle.

The incubators working in Pakistan are doing okay but with changing times we need to take a step further and provide not just resources but also proper mentorship to guide them about the industry.

The product is available and is in the crowdfunding stage. All one has to do is go to their page and put in the request. They will start delivering PRSRV by the end of June.

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