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Meizu Mobiles are the new boys in town straight from China in a market which is already getting dominated by Chinese smartphone sellers. The company made news back in November 2017 and since then it is making efforts to establish a basic infrastructure in the country.

One of its top executives has challenged all the rival mobile brands in Pakistan to dare and match the quality of its camera phone.

“You can pull out any camera phone in Pakistan and compare the light capturing mechanism, Meizu mobiles will perform way better owing to our real AI capability for the light treatment. Even the results would be better than hugely talked about Mate 10 Pro“, Fraz Khan, Country Head of Meizu Mobiles in Pakistan bluntly asserted while talking to More News.

To a question about unique selling features of his phones, Fraz told dual-display on the front and back side of his flagships Pro 7 / Pro 7 Plus, sleek designs of mid-rangers which were reasonably priced and loaded with specs such as Meizu M6 were the unique features we are boasting.

Meizu has recently introduced 4 new smartphones in Pakistan; click here if you want to have a look at the specs and prices.

Even though the prices are good, how will you compete with the established Chinese brands like Huawei, Vivo, and Oppo in Pakistan? Fraz spontaneously said, “our innovative technology”.

In his opinion, despite spending excessively on marketing, Oppo and Vivo are struggling and will keep going down unless innovation becomes their preference

Fraz explained that Meizu’s strategy would be similar to what Huawei did to Samsung a few years back. “With innovatory products, they knocked out Samsung in certain categories and gained considerable market share”.

Meizu has recently partnered with Draz and Yayvo for the online presence but for the conventional retail model, it has brought Green Tech onboard.

This time in 2018, it is a kind of re-launch for the Meizu mobiles in Pakistan. Earlier, M&P — another prominent mobile distributor in Pakistan — tried to sell these phones but luck didn’t favor them in any way. This adds extra baggage for the new team to deal with.

For Fraz, M&P was never a right choice, rather, it is only a fulfillment partner for the brands in Pakistan.

Their capacity is highly limited to an extent they can not develop a mobile brand wholly on their own. Even Samsung and Huawei are using them only in the areas where, due to thinner distribution, gaps need to be filled.

He emphasizes that there is no point in putting a product only on shops, anyone can do it for a 1 to 2% incentive. A true distributor should have the power to display the product, move it and sell it.

In Pakistan, Samsung and Huawei never triggered overnight. Distributors like Mobile Zone and United Mobile worked really hard and invested heavily in making those brands a success.

While referring to M&P once again, Fraz said, if a product had its own demand, why would it need to pay huge margins to a distributor that could only display products on the shelves.

“We are seeking a 3 – 5% market share by the end of 2018 that can be translated as 20 to 25K smartphones sale in a month”, Fraz added.

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