Nisar Ali Khan on blashpemous content

Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar has vowed to use every disposable option to make sure the blasphemous content is eliminated from social media. The Pakistani government is also seeking to hold Facebook accountable using a legal way and has hired a lawyer to contact the foreign courts.

He revealed that he expects the Facebook’s administration would take into consideration the sentiments of Pakistanis and would cooperate with the authorities.

Previously, Chaudhary Nisar showed dismay over the response of Facebook’s administration for not providing the desired information. He also directed FIA to take help from other security agencies to identify and investigate everyone involved in spreading blasphemous content on social media.

After IHC ordered to eliminate the access to blasphemous content on social media even at the expense of blocking the public’s access to social media platforms, FIA has contacted Facebook. Chaudhary Nisar last week said: “We will go to any extent even if we have to go to the extent of permanently blocking all such social media websites if they refuse to cooperate.”

They have requested for the information on various Facebook pages and are still waiting for a reply. Pakistan’s foreign office in the USA under the right to information has asked the social media’s administration to hand over the relevant material.

Interior Minister has advised obtaining relevant material through Pakistan’s foreign office in the USA under the right to information. He also advised FIA to take help of Interpol to identify the Facebook pages that spread blasphemous and hatred content on social media, that under its own rules, is also a crime.


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